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to the gop race for the white house. after michigan, can mitt romney build on the lead and solidify himself as the presome thattive nominee. >>> can santorum win ohio and chart a course to the nomination. can newt gingrich win his home state of georgia as he tries to emerge as the romney alternative? with us, newt gingrich, and eric cantor will weigh into the nomination fight, and with the view from the democrats, debbie wasserman schultz. and plus our political roundtable this morning, what to look for on tuesday, and the president's emerging campaign. on the road, looking under the hood, and fighting f middle class votes. >> i place my bet on the american worker! and i will make that bet any day of the week. with us, republican strategist, mike murphy, and a political analysts for "time" magazine, al paw rins, and savannah guthrie. >>> the republican race is coming down to a battle for delegates, and mitt romney is in the lead winning his fifth straight contest last night in washington state. final results show mom rebeating ron paul, and santorum in third, and newt gingrich a distant fou
wins all 46 delegates. we did do a what if. romney's lead would have been cut in half had santorum and gingrich made the ballot. and this is less about primaries, and more about delegates. here is the map, super tuesday. 424 delegates will be handed out on tuesday night. as far as who will win how many states, and mitt romney probably guaranteed four wins, and he could win as many as eight or nine states. here is what to watch for. 180-200 delegates would be a good night for the romney campaign. i got him up to 211. we will see if he gets the majority in idaho and places like that. and ohio, and tennessee, and romney could put it away. the gingridge could be up, but romney is there today in atlanta. >>> let's turn to the former house speaker, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, welcome back to the program. >> david, it's good to be with you. >> i want to talk about the campaign and the numbers i just went through with chuck todd. i have to ask you about access to contraception. i know it's not at the core of your stump speech, but it's a debate highly charged in washington and congress --
for obama now, but events could elect romney. obama is singing happy days, but it's america, is he too far ahead of the parade to hear its music. finally, offshore warnings, could this war with iran change everything and could the killing of americans in afghanistan drive us to quit? could either of these crisis flare up and leave this white house burnt. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, the "washington post" bob woodward, cnbc's becky quick, the "washington post" kathleen parker and the "national journal's" major garrett. while republicans are having to explain rush limbaugh's hatefulness this week, barack obama is radiating optimism these days. the president is channeling that old ronald reagan morning in america. here he was on tuesday. >> i'm not going to settle for a country where a few do really well and everybody else is struggling to get by. i promise you this. as long as you got an ounce of fight left in you, i'll have a ton of fight left in me. chris: a new poll has obama losing to mitt romney by four points believe it or not, even with all of the damage
in between mitt romney's home of michigan, and newt girich's home. what is interesting here, the early vote advantage, david, that romney had in michigan and other states, and that only leads four in those folks that already voted. romney, dominant among those voters that care most about electabili electability. the other key race on super tuesday was virginia, but two people failed to get on the ballot, rick santorum and gingrich. and mitt romney, a commanding lead here, 69% over ron paul with 26%. anything over 50%, mitt romney wins all 46 delegates. we did do a what if. romney's lead would have been cut in half had santorum and gingrich made the ballot. and this is less about primaries, and more about delegates. here is the map, super tuesday. 424 delegates will be handed out on tuesday night. as far as who will win how many states, and mitt romney probably guaranteed four wins, and he could win as many as eight or nine states. here is what to watch for. 180-200 delegates would be a good night for the romney campaign. i got him up to 211. we will see if he gets the majority in idaho and
, corrosive to the brand and the party's overall chances. romney has the support of 38% of likely republican voters in the new "wall street journal" poll. the best standing we ever recorded for him. santorum trails at 32%. gingrich and paul tied at 13%. support for romney is up 10 points and 15 points since the end of last year. she performing better with the parts that have been most resistance. we trail among tea partiers and the conservative voters. romney is backing nearly double since january up from 21% to 35%. nearly twice as many voter who is call themselves very conservative support of candidacy. we asked the voters to identify the top positive and negative quality of each of the candidates. voters like romney's knowledge of the issues where he scores best. he said his biggest negative is he waffles on issue. santorum is damaged on electability. he cannot be a strong opponent against president obama. overall the bitter nomination fight is taking a toll on the brand. 40% of adults said it made them feel less favorable. only 12% have a more favorable impression. that is upside down ev
. romney's rivals sharpen the attacks fearing a big super tuesday could give him an insurmountable lead. and a pay for pain rocks the nfl. a coach now under investigation and who sees nothing wrong with offering cash bounties for bone-jarring hits. we begin with the growing crisis affecting what you pay at the gas pump and casts a big shadow over obama's hopes for re-election. just a day after dismissing what he called loose talk of war with iran, he sat down with benjamin netanyahu. at the top of their agenda, talk that israel may soon attack iran's nuclear sites. jessica yellin working sources all day. take us inside three hours of talks and a working lunch later, what do we know? >> reporter: we're told the prime minister and the president within their three hours had 30 minutes when they were one-on-one. none of us will know really what they talked about when they were alone together. but the most pressing question, did they discuss red lines, and we are told by u.s. and israeli officials that that was not what the the two leaders sat down to talk about. that this was essentially a
on the air about a georgetown university law school student. plus, snl's mitt romney spins his narrow victory in michigan with a little help from his fake sons. that clip a little bit later in the show. first, though, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at "30 rock" in new york city. the presidential candidates spread out across c ahead of s tuesday. 10 states will be in play tomorrow with 400 delegates at stake. the contest could bolster front-runner mitt romney. he added to his campaign momentum on saturday, winning washington state. those caucuses brought him 38% support, a double digit lead over ron paul and rick santorum. all eyes certainly will be on the state of ohio where romney and rick santorum in a statistical tie according to the latest nbc news/marist poll. on now two ohio's largest newspapers. cleveland plain dealer and the cincin enquirer putting their support behind mitt romneyment the former governor locked up the endorsements of two key conservatives. tomko burn and house majority leader eric cantor. they are hoping it will give their candidate a boost for conserva
estados realizan su elecciÓn primaria y en que mÁs delgados se determinan en una sola noche, romney y santorum se perfilan como los principales contendientes y dedican estas horas a captar el mayor nÚmero de votantes, tenemos cobertura comenzando en boston, massachusetts con angie sand vatval aquÍ... donde romney planea festejar maÑana, pero hoy toda la acciÓn estÁ en ohio donde santorum le pisa los talones. >>> el sÚper martes es maÑana en 10 estados, pero los principales aspirantes pelean hoy por ohio y sus 66 delgados. romney impulsado por su triunfo del sÁbado en washington, criticÓ a obama prometio trabajo y reducciÓn de impuestos, segÚn encuestas romney que ayer rezo dio boi el apoyo de... y la ex primera dama bÁrbara busch le lleva dos puntos de ventaja a santorum, empate tÉcnico. >>> por eso tambiÉn en ohio este Último, lepe dÍapedÍa a los lece no hay skweern casa ni a las encuestas ni ly que eligieran u candidato que piensa que estados unidos es mÁs que un tema econÓmico. >>> contienda donde 10 estados se dedo den el mismo dÍa y santorum ya no tiene recurs
by enough, but we won by enough. that is what counts. >> mitt romney it squeaks by in michigan. >> if you want to talk about someone who has led on every moral issue -- >> rick santorum, culture warrior. >> coming up, super tuesday. >> these are the most perilous times facing our country. >> olympia snow, that up and going back to maine. >> one of the most active 40 chapters in american military history -- one of the most extraordinary chapters in american military history. >> mitt romney was born in michigan, grew up in michigan. his father was the governor of michigan. in 2008, he beat john mccain by nine percentage points in michigan. this week, he almost lost the michigan primary to rick santorum. why? >> i am not willing to light my hair on fire to get support. >> he is who he is. why did that work against him? >> there are a lot of republicans who do not think romney is one of him -- them. they do not see him as the standard bearer for the conservative party. you see it as he almost lost michigan. he sees it as winning by enough. in a certain sense, i have to say he is correct. it d
be a second hol w holocaust. >> i'm unclear what they propose. mitt romney says crippling sanction s over and over and that seems to be about it. the idea that any u.s. president as eric outlined before break would sort of you know, gun for a war in the middle east right now or for any military intervention at this moment in time is poppycock. >> we see the difference of campaigning and being in office. you can have a fact free zone and a free zone when you are running for office. the president has been focused on iran since day one. there's a great international impact of a danger of a nuclear weapon in iran's hands and the need to apply greater pressure. and that has happened. there's a lot going on in europe in in terms of sanctions that largely disconnects iran from the global economy and we will see how that goes. but, i think that you know, the president has pulled the united states out of iraq, you know, which has been very popular. he thats a plan to pull the united states out of combat in afghanistan in 2014, i think the american people support that. so if the president's message
cameron starts our coverage tonight. >> reporter: on the eve of super tuesday, mitt romney has digit-digit lead in the national polls and bellwether of ohio he recounts his business experience over his rivals. >> other people in this race debated about the economy, they read about the economy, they talked about it in sub committee meetings but i have been in it. i have worked in business. >> it has romney up 11 points over santorum nationally. for the first time in months he has clear average in ohio polls, too. romney is up over santorum. virtual tie in margin of error. but that is a step-point shift to romney in the last week. santorum's lead among self-described ohio conservative is a 35-33 tossup. it's a virtual tie among men. romney is up nine points among women. romney is running strongest in northern and central ohio around cleveland and columbus. of the other super tuesday state, romney has leads in massachusetts, vermont, virginia and idaho. in ohio, santorum is strongest in the southwest, near the indiana and kentucky border and southeast near pennsylvania. he is ineligible
to challenge him is our top story. and where's mitt romney in all this? silent as a lamb. mitt takes a e beating in the latest poll and that's no surprise. he's run a campaign of carpet bombing his opponents that's destroyed them state by state and left him down in the process. that th may get him the nomination, but it's poison in november. the whole republican field is being damaged in this process. our new poll found 40% say the race has given them a less favorable position of the gop. one of the polls called the process corrosive. it's also filled with good news for president obama who was at or above 50% against every republican candidate. and a report argues today that african-american voters are being disenfranchised by republicans. we'll talk to the head of the urban league. and finally, let me finish with mitt romney's deep fear of rush limbaugh. we begin with rush limbaugh's partial apology today and the failure of republicans to challenge him. senator claire mahmoud -- mccaskill. let's listen to what rush limbaugh said. >> i descended to their level when i used those two words
the race. a new wall street journal poll shows republicans are starting to fall in behind mitt romney. but it's come at a price for the gop. first the horse race. romney scores 38%. rick santorum is at 32%. >> having just won five contests in a row now suggests i'm getting greater support. that's because people want to see someone replace barack obama. >> our poll suggests that republicans have been badly damaged by the nomination fight. 40% now have a less favorable opinion of the gop. and as to describe the rice in one word, they said unenthusiastic and depressed. for rick santorum, tomorrow is arguably his make or break moment. >> i think we're doing fine. but look. every time you get to these races and governor romney goes out there and outspends you four to one, it's going to take a toll. this is a game of survival. >> joining me today is susan page and joe cohnson. good morning. >> good morning. >> there are signs that tea partiers and the most conservative republicans are starting to coalesce behind mitt romney. but should he be concerned about the damage this race is doing. hi
are creating change. on the campaign trail, romney unleashing the silver fox. >> hi, this is bar brar bush calling for romney for president on behalf of our friend, mitt romney. we have known the romneys for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for next four years. >> but just wait until you hear what barbara bush refused to say in the call about president obama. and romney's sons get the s and l treatment. >> so mitt romney's five adult sons why should people get excited and not terrified about your presence to trail? >> our average age is 36 and our medi median age is 35. see, we are just like you, america. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington skeshs are -- conservatives are getting behind romney but there's a big swing in women voters against congressional members. chris cillizza is a managing editor of post politics.com and chuck todd host of the daily run down and chief of all things polling. chuck, first to you in the new poll. it shows that mitt romney has the support of 38% of likely republican voters. this is his best showing yet, rick santorum
. here's how the poll has the republican presidential field. romney topping the field with 38% of the vote followed by santorum at 32%. newt gingrich and ron paul are both at 13%. when asked how the gop nominating process has affected people's view of the party -- >> not good. >> 40% say it's made them look at the party less favorably, 12% said more favorably, and 47% said the process had no impact on their view of the party. the poll also shows how mitt romney's approval rating compares with past presidential candidates. romney gets 28% approval, lower than mccain, kerry, bush, and dole during the same point in the race. and looking at the general election, head to head match-ups against president obama, all four republican contenders fall short. mitt romney is the closest, six points behind the president. on the question of congressional preference, 41% say republicans are the preferred majority in congress. 46% would rather see democrats in charge. and when asked which party does a better job of appealing to people not among its hard core supporters, 55% said the democratic
virginia home and will bounce into tennessee. romney hit new territory. for santorum, it is tennessee and then ohio. ohio is the big prize. it is the swing state where romney could quiet his critics. >> that would send a big statement. >> and santorum has a problem in ohio. he did not complete all the paperwork and is at risk of being an eligible for more than a quarter of the delegates. >> that basic organizational test that you have to have to battle president obama is a test that rick santorum and his campaign have flunked. >> if that is the only thing that they find wrong with my campaign, then that is ok. >> they will finish up this mad dash to super tuesday. >> let's talk giving politics now. of course, we're just a couple of days away from a critical super tuesday. who has the most at stake? >> >> this is sort of mitt romney's moment. there are 10 states up for grabs. he does not have to make a big showing in any one particular state. he has to pick up lots of delegates in lots of states and really pull away from rick santorum who has been nibbling at his heels in the last coup
'm here to tell you i'm endorsing mitt romney. >> all hail mitt, ruler of a broken republican party. >> we're much better looking. that doesn't count. >>> we start 24 hours from super tuesday. a day when 11 states will try to accomplish what the previous contests haven't and end this thing for good. governor mitt romney is surging, like he's done so many times before and ready to be crowned king. a new poll shows he's up three points. a 10-point rehearsal from a week ago. romney is securing his base, wealthy establishment republicans. today it was bush attorney general joining a line of republican big wigs getting behind the severely conservative candidate. over the weekend, it was house majority leader eric cant rorks. both representing super tuesday states. this was the biggest get of weekend. >> we have known the romneys for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and ann will make a great first lady. >> that's right. former first lady, barbara bush securing his other base as well, moderate, pro-choice republicans. mitt doesn't have a lot to si
, the biggest day so far in the republican presidential campaign. with contests in 11 states. mitt romney is coming off his latest victory in yesterday's washington state caucuses. nbc's peter alexander is on the trail in ohio. >> reporter: stumping across the south today, mitt romney is hammering home his business background, looking to take a decisive advantage in the republican race. >> the economy is what i do, it is what i know, it is what i've done. >> reporter: while rick santorum battles to regain momentum. >> this is a game of survival. we're doing as well as anybody in all of these races. >> reporter: with 11 contests this super tuesday, the symbolic prize remains the general election battleground of ohio. for the latest nbc news/marist poll shows romney gaining on santorum. their matchup now a statistical dead heat. because santorum failed to complete the required paperwork, he may not be eligible for more than a quarter of ohio's delegates. >> it is a tough state for us because of the fact that with the money disadvantage, but we're -- we have got a great grassroots campaign.
. who do you support and why? >> romney. >> because? >> his decisions on the different issues match how i feel. >> who are you supporting? >> i support romney. >> who are you supporting? >> ron paul, only man of principle and the only one who will stop these crazy foreign adventures. >> ron paul. >> who are you supporting and why? >> newt gingrich. i think he is very experienced. i think maybe the reason he is not a favorite in the republican party is because he a renegade. >> rick santorum because he is a social conservative. >> one more. >> he is genuine. he is for real. >> months of this conversation, in some cases years because we have two candidates that have run before. new hampshire, one of mitt romney's most important surrogates, what message do you have to for them why romney should be the nominee? >> we need to beat barack obama in november. >> do you agree with that? >> yes! >> mitt romney is the candidate that can beat barack obama, we need somebody who has been outside of washington and who actually has the private sector experience, that knows how jobs are created and the
for $99.99, get another one free. verizon. >>neil: we have befores with an romney and ron paul but ten states on tuesday, not one a winner take all, in other words the go who wednesday the state gets all the delegates, so it will take a long time to settle this no matter what happens tomorrow. >>guest: it will take a long time to officially settle it. we could be setted quicker if romney is able to ride the momentum. remember, each week everyone has risen they had the voters pull the chair out from them the next week. romney had a big success in michigan by surviving. and winning both primaries that day. and arizona. big. and wyoming. but, the real surprise for me and why i think he could be on the verge of becoming, again, the nominee is washington state on saturday. i didn't expect him to when that or if i did it would be close but he won it handily and santorum finished third. he has been sliding since he attacked my hero, john kennedy, and said in a speech, the comment about separation of church and state. that is personal. i have to say that. the point is he had a rough week and h
saturday and here are the results. mitt romney won with 38%. ron paul second at 25%. rick santorum was close behind at 24. newt gingrich was last. on tuesday, ten states are up with more delegates at state than all of the contests combined up until now. joining us from tennessee one of the states that votes on super tuesday is former senator rick santorum and senator, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. good to be with you. >> chris: good to be with you, sir. ohio is generally agreed the biggest prize on super tuesday and would seem to be tailor made for you. bleblue collar, manufacturing, lots of rural areas. big evangelical vote. don't you have to win there, sir? >> we will do well, there, i believe that. it is a a tough state for us only because of the fact that with the money disadvantage. but we have got a great grass roots campaign. we are hanging in there and we feel very confident that we are going to do well. as you know, it is always harder when you have got two conservative candidates out there running in the race as we have seen in washington and we
policy, but three of the republican candidates, santorum, romney, and gingrich have been beating up on the president. we have yet to see the video that's going to be fed in shortly, but what the president said in opening this meeting in the oval office, is we're told this comes at a critical time. big changes. israel is an island of democracy. but the bond is unbreakable. this is an important point the president is making. they are going to talk about regional issues. there have been a lot of changes in the past year. the arab spring and how israel sees that as creating more risks in what's happening next door in syria. but that we all know the president said to benjamin netanyahu that it's unacceptable for israel to have a country next door with a nuclear weapon. so that close by, i shouldn't say next door. so that's the initial reporting we're getting out of this oval office meeting. it's going to be an interesting day. >> andrea, great to see you. you can watch andrea every day at 1:00 p.m. eastern. right here on msnbc. >>> the final countdown to super tuesday on the road to the
romney a clear front-runner once again. he's leading rick santorum by 16 points in the latest national poll. very big endorsements as well. ahead of super tuesday, tomorrow. the highest ranking republican member of congress eric cantor, getting his support. >> i look to super tuesday, i look to mitt romney winning all of virginia's delegates. in fact, i cast my vote already in virginia for mitt romney. and i'm here today to tell you that i'm endorsing mitt romney in his candidacy for the presidency of the united states. >> majority leader congressman eric cantor of virginia joins us. nice to see you. we appreciate it. >> good morning, soledad. >> let's talk about that endorsement. >> give me the reasons why you decided to support mitt romney? >> mitt romney is really the only man in the race who has a plan, a bold pro-growth plan to create jobs and get this economy back on track. and this is an essential issue for this election. it is about how we're going to make the economy better, how we're going to get small businesses back in gear. mitt romney unveiled a plan last week that is pro
romney is banking on some big endorsements which a lot of them came yesterday. so the question this morning for you and for the rest of the nation is, is the g.o.p. now finally getting behind him? you had a prominent congressman from virginia and you had a senator as well from oklahoma yesterday. why are those states important? because they're on the docket for tomorrow. >> right. i think that is very true and the endorsements were coming in. i also find it very intriguing. you have 10 states. everybody is keying on a certain number of states. tennessee number one. oklahoma, perhaps but definitely ohio. it seems like rick santorum is dialing back those expectations that he's going to take ohio going away and possibly he should because reuters has a poll out that shows them in a dead heat. so is another poll. that's another huge comeback for mitt romney who does not have the home court advantage unlike michigan. >> gretch mentioned a moment ago, congressman eric cantor, here he is throwing his weight to mitt romney. >> that's why i look to super tuesday. i look to mitt romney w
and wait until you see what happens when mitt romney found himself confronted with a difficult question at the huckabee forum this weekend. >> this week, president obama's administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye, tell me, who will be taken care of? how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? megyn: the farther you drive the deeper you'll have to dig into your wallet to get there. gas prices continuing their rapid climb nationwide and some economists fear they could slam the brakes
. super tuesday now one day away. if the latest polls are right, mitt romney could be closing in on the nomination. >> and also some real heart breaking news from the heartland. this was the little angel we were all hoping would survive. she was a victim of last friday's deadly storm in indiana. taken from her home, found in a field, on life support. the family has made the decision to take her off life support. she is the 39th casualty now of friday's storms. >>> president obama preparing for a face-to-face showdown this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. on the table, how to handle iran and its nuclear program. >>> and rush limbaugh stepping in it big time and the advertisers are dropping like flies, folks, bailing, because it just ain't right to call a law student a slut. why doesn't he get it? can the champion of the right overcome this or would this possibly become his imus moment. >> is it ever okay to call someone a slut? >> having been called a slut by one of my colleagues on the air, i would say it's not. so shut your cake hole, limbaugh. >> i cam
boost for mitt romney. phe promonent house republican now backing the presidential hopeful. nats- searching for the raven's newest cheerleaders the men and women who hope to have a place on the sqauad. in the tight race for the g-o-p presidential nomination....mitt romney gets a boost today....from the second ranking hhuse republican. peter doocy tells ps who's endorsing who in the republican presidentiil race-- and revealinggsome popular names that may surprise ou. youu 3 &p3doocy says: "the number two republican in thh house. majority leader eric cantor picked governor romney as his number one choiie for pressdent today. and here's why. "cantor says: "that's the central issue of this campaign. mitt romney's the only man in the race who's accually created jobs." oklahomaasenator tom coburn lined up behind rrmney today too because he says he's served with the other candidatee and too often they've - quote - diiplayed political expediency rather cantor and coburn have ácompanyá n congress when it &pcomes to backing romney. 16 u-s senators ncluding 2008 nominee jo
it changed history. mitt romney's performance reminds me of the old jack benny routine. your money or your life the robber demanded. your money or your life? just a minute, benny last responded. i'm thinking. well, mitt romney has to think about which side he's on here, rush or the woman he was insulting. just a minute. i'm thinking. my guess is that the women of this country are going to remember. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. >>> welcome to a special edition of "politics nation." i'm al sharpton. live tonight from the state capitol in montgomery, alabama. i've been privileged to be here with men and women of all ages from all walks of life marching to protect every american's right to vote. we are walking ten miles a day for five days. retracing the route of the historic 1965 march from selma to montgomery which ended on the steps of the capitol behind me. a milestone in the fight for civil rights. tonight we'll talk about the scandal engulfing rush limbaugh. it's growing, despite his so-called apolog
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